Survey for Airline miles

E-rewards  has been behind a lot of mile-earning survey opportunities.

E-rewards partner with most major airlines such as AA, Southwest, and US Airways. Most of the time, you will need an invitation to join their panels however AA is opening its door with 250 bonus miles for enrolling in E-reward Panel. 250 AA miles are not much however opportunities to earn more free miles are promising.

I take surveys regularly. I am in both AA and Southwest panels. Each panel will have different partners with various redemption rates. For my AA panel, the partners are:

    • AA, Club Carlson, Priority Club, Hertz, Hilton HHonors, La Quinta, Ticket Master and a few more

I am mostly interested in AA and the lowest reward is $25 E-reward for 500 AA miles. I can normally get $5 E-reward for taking a 20 minutes survey. $25 E-reward will be equivalent to 1 hour 40 minutes of my time. If we value 500 AA  = $10, it means that I make $6 per hour taking surveys. In fact, it is less than federal minimum wage ($7.25 per hour). Taking surveys can be very helpful because you can earn 1,000 AA miles per month. Annually, you will pocket 12,000 miles which almost get you a one-way ticket within the continental US. For Southwest, E-reward miles do account for the companion pass. By applying for two Southwest credit cards, you will earn 100,000 miles and by taking surveys, you can slowly fulfill the other 10,000 miles. Southwest would require their email invitation to join E-reward panel therefore checking your junk mail to see if you get invited.


Is American Express becoming the next big player in the mile-earning survey business? I hope so

I got this targeted survey email from Amex yesterday. Taking the survey won’t give me any Amex points however I could choose a non-profit for Amex donation. The best thing is that Amex will continue to send me more surveys with incentives. Cross my fingers, incentives will be points and statement credit next time. 

How does it work? At times throughout the year, members who agree to participate in the American Express Cardmember Feedback Group will receive email invitations to complete surveys on a variety of topics related to American Express. Not all members will be invited to participate in every survey.

To thank members for participating in the American Express Cardmember Feedback Group, American Express will make a total initial donation of $10,000 to be allocated among the charities listed below:

  • United Way
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Red Cross



3 thoughts on “Survey for Airline miles

  1. Duc,
    Thanks for shaaring your expertise. Last week I received info on how to get 1,000 Avios miles with British air if one signs up for BAExecuitve Club Family Account. Each family member gets 1,000 for signing up with a macimum of 7,000 per family acct. There was a code that one must enter to get access to that offer. Did you send out that message and, if so please share the code one must enter to sign-up for this free deal. If you did not would know how might have or how I can get the code? Cam on Duc rat nhieu.

    Kim Hoa

  2. I tried to get an AA Advantage number which is required before you can sign up for erewards and their capcha link is dead. Anyone else have this problem?

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