Make money from Staples, can you?

Staples will be my new favorite store for many reasons.

The story is that I bought a Nexus 7 from for $250 + tax. I went through to see which shopping portal would award me with the most miles or cash back. The two best programs are Shop Discover 5% cash back if you have a Discover Credit Card or Ultimate Rewards. By now, I believe that you all know Ultimate Rewards can be assessed with a Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card, a Chase Ink Bold or a Chase Ink Plus Business card

I ended up using the Chase Ultimate Rewards to get 4 points/$ via the portal bonus. By using my Chase Ink Bold, I got another 5 points/$ for office supply store purchase (anything at Staples would qualify). In total, I got 9 points/$ = 2,250 points = $45 in value.

The Nexus Play Store App couldn’t load which didn’t allow me to download new apps therefore the tablet was useless. After Google Rep gave up on fixing the device over the phone, they recommended me to return it. I went to a Staples store in south Austin to return and was given 2 options: credit back to my credit card or cash. I knew right away that cash would do it.

After all, I still keep the points and get back all of my spending with cash. This could be a great way to meet minimum spending requirement and even to make extra points. That was EASY

If I were to scale it to 4 Nexus tablets, I would essentially make 9,000 points with no money out of pocket. Staples’ return policy is 14 days since the day of sales with receipt. If you don’t have a Chase Ultimate Reward Credit Card, I suggest to use other shopping portals such as American Airline or Shop Discover.


3 thoughts on “Make money from Staples, can you?

  1. Duc, I suggest you remove this post as while a lot of people know that this is doable, if you set out to buy something with intention to just make the stores pay for the points and returning the item, it’s a bit unethical and can lend itself to fraudulent activities resulting in stores blocking you from making future purchases. You don’t want to do that.

    Plus sometimes you get lucky that the cashier gives you cash refund, but most of times, they’re supposed to refund to the original method of payment, so if you get the right cashier, you’re good, but a lot of times you won’t.

    • Thank you for the Comment, Thanh
      In my case, the device didn’t work and I had to return it and I was offered either cash or credit card.
      I don’t suggest people to do this regularly however to meet a spending requirement when you have no other ways to do it

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