Greendot prepaid card – Print miles

As promised about a week ago, I claimed that there is a new method to print miles/points. And here it is

Reloadable Prepaid Greendot card

This card is a great way to meet minimum spending requirement for your credit card with very low fees. This card is a Visa/Master debit card which has many advantages over American Express card.

Basically, you use your point-earning credit card to buy the Prepaid Greendot card, then to buy the Reload cards, and use free ATM to withdraw cash or you can withdraw cash back a any grocery store. In the end, it costs you $5 for 500 points * x which depends on your credit card has a bonus at a grocery store or a gas station.

Since many of you know about Blue Bird and how to load it with Vanilla Reload. The limitation with Blue Bird is that you can’t load with a credit card at Walmart. With Greendot, you have many store options to use your credit card and it is always almost possible to do that. To use Blue Bird at the fullest extent, you need to be able to buy Vanilla Reload at an Office Depot with a Chase Ink or Bold which are not available for everyone. Many people reported that their Office Depot do not carry Vanilla Reload anymore. With Greendot, there is always enough supply of Reload packs.

In the next section, I will detail about which credit card would reward you the most when you buy Greendot Reload at a grocery store or gas station

1. Where can you get the card?

  • You can buy it at grocery store in your neighborhood such as HEB, Randalls (Safeway), CVS, 7-Eleven, Walgreens, Walmart
  • Or online at this link (free online)
  • When you buy in store, you can load up to $500. You will get a temporary card in store. After you register the card, Greendot will send you a permanent card with your name on it. I bought it without any fee since there was a promotion at my grocery otherwise it is $2.99

2. How do you reload Greendot Prepaid Card?

  • Get either Greendot MoneyPak or Greendot Cash Reload
  • You can buy from $20-$500 for each MoneyPak or Greendot Cash Reload
  • These are available at Walmart, CVS, Kmart, 7-eleven, Walgreens and many grocery stores
  • A service fee of up to $4.95 will apply when you buy the above two reloads

3. Will I be charged a fee?

  • There is a monthly fee to maintain the card however they will waive the Monthly Charge for this Billing Cycle if you have at least 30 posted purchases* OR load at least $1,000.
  • I am sure I will load more than $1,000 in this card per month so I won’t be worried too much about this.

Here is a complete schedule of the Green Dot Card fees:

Fee Type Fee
Initial Purchase Varies by retailer, up to $4.95 ($6.95 or less for the NASCAR® Prepaid Visa Card)
Monthly Charge
  • $5.95.
  • Waived in any monthly billing cycle when you load at least $1,000 to your Card ORhave 30 posted purchase transactions(excludes all ATM declined withdrawals, ATM balance inquiries and teller cash advances).
ATM Withdrawal & Teller Cash Withdrawal
  • No charge at thousands of MoneyPass®ATMs*
  • All other ATM withdrawals: $2.50**
  • Teller cash withdrawal: $2.50
Balance Inquiry at Non-Network ATM $0.50
Lost/Stolen Card Replacement $4.95
Reload at Retail Location Varies by retailer, up to $4.95
Second Card $4.95 (Free for Prepaid Student Cards)
Optional services Available for purchase

4. Can you withdraw cash for free?

5. What is the daily load limit and maximum balance?

  • Yes. The daily per Card reload limit is $2,500.
  • The maximum balance is $2,500.
6. Is this a debit card?
  • Yes, it is a debit card therefore you have many benefits of it
  • More merchants accept debit card
  • You can get cash back from a grocery store (so be creative in terms of how you want to get your cash out of Greendot. Cash back transaction at a grocery store is recorded as normal transaction)

7. Other way to load your Greendot

  • Direct deposit
  • Bank debit card (up to $200)
  • Bank account ($1,000 limit in any 30 days period)

8. Online Bill Pay service

  • No fee for online bill pay
  • You can pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit
  • You can also send paper checks to companies or individuals. This might include rent checks to your landlord, the payment to your paper deliverer, or a gift for grandma. Paper checks are sent via US mail so delivery timeframes vary, but are usually within 5 business days
  • There is no minimum amount that can be paid, but there is a $1,000 maximum limit on each individual bill payment


Be responsible.  Go slow.

Greendot similar to Amex is always on the lookout for suspicious behavior. If a person adds money to Greendot, and then withdraws it all (via ATM, bill pay and others), that would look suspicious. Greendot might not have a sophisticated system but  does not make money from these types of withdrawals. I recommend start slow, use the card to buy stuff, withdraw money sometime, send money to friends/families, get cash back at a grocery store.

Be creative and be careful


37 thoughts on “Greendot prepaid card – Print miles

  1. Hmm, so far all the stores i’ve seen the green dot in only allow cash purchases

    • Try this trick
      Buy some small items and a Greendot card, they are more likely to let you use a credit card that way

      My stores only ask me for my driver license

  2. Did you have a problem picking up the reload packs at the Groceries? I notice a lot of the reload cards state CASH ONLY. Just wondering about your experience with that.

    • It says “Cash Only” however at my grocery store, there is no problem with buying those with a credit card
      I think it might vary but with so many buying options, I am pretty sure you can find a store that allows you to use credit card

  3. I’ve never had any luck buying these with credit cards either. Can you give some specific examples of stores that have allowed it?

  4. Why would you not buy a paypal reload greendot pack? This way, you can load directly into your paypal account and withdraw it into your bank account – saves the hassle of going to the ATM. I guess it costs the same and the upper limit is also the same – $2500. Am I missing anything?

  5. Hi Duc ,
    So I bought green dot card for 500 and greendot reload for 500. The first card said no fee. The second said 0 service but on the back it said 4.95 monthly fee. Now if I don’t use it every month do they charge me just for having the card? Also how do I load my 500 from the reload to the green dot prepaid card and does it require a fee?

    • the Monthly Charge is $5.95. However, Waived in any monthly billing cycle when you load at least $1,000 to your Card OR have 30 posted purchase transactions(excludes all ATM declined withdrawals, ATM balance inquiries and teller cash advances).
      It is not that difficult to load $1000 per month plus since you try to manufacture spending, you should try to load at least $1k per month.

      When you set up an online account with Greendot, you can click on “Add funds”, then “Moneypak & Cash Reload” and then enter the info from your reload. It costs you money to buy the reload ($4.95) but it doesn’t cost to enter the reload into Greendot

  6. I think this is going to be very very YMMV. I doubt big stores like CVS, 7-Eleven, or K-mart would allow credit card purchases of these cards. Walgreens is almost guaranteed to decline transactions as they code in their system what can be bought with credit card, so naive cashier alone won’t do the trick. You may get lucky and find a smaller vendor that sells these but I think it’s very YMMV in bigger cities like NYC or San Fran. Good luck to everyone though!

  7. Well that’s funny cuz I was able to buy a green dot prepaid visa that cost nothin until 12/31/12 and I was able to reload 500 into a greendot reload for 0 service fee no cost. And if I load my reload money into my green dot for nothing then that means the whole process will cost me nothing? I saw some card at other store does show a fee but the one I bought had none. The moneyatm pass is in my work place and I am allow to buy it with credit card too since I work there but customer can’t due to fraud.

  8. I bought it at Rite Aide. I think There are a few card out there like that. Probably just promotional product. But I may have bought the wrong card because I do not see where I can set up bill pay? I see that they have one call bill pay express.I got the green dot everyday. Am I not able to use bill pay then?

  9. Don’t think they have bill pay where you can send a check. So if you use it as a Visa and pay your prop tax, You will incur fee imposed by the government.

  10. Yes, I called them and they said it’s not there cuz it back by the old bank. Perhaps that is why these card have zero fee. They probably want to rid of it? I saw tons of the zero fee one at Riteaide one very close to home. The one I bought at was close to the asian plaza. So the old card does not show bill pay. They told me that on Nov 2 it will be switch to greendot .And when I get my new card, I should she bill pay. And because i bought it for bill pay purpose, they will transfer the money for me. Hope that will work out. Do you know if I can use it to pay my credit card bill like blue bird?I think I will also get netspend to pay bills. I will spread it out. on different card. Will that make any difference? Will the credit card company say how come I spend so much at Rite aid or office depot etc? Do I worry about the credit card company or the reload company shutting me down? Any thoughts?

    • I would never use these card to pay my credit card since it raises suspecion. I mostly go shopping at grocery store and ask for cash back and I realize that the bank considers them purchases therefore there is no way they know I get the cash out.
      Yes, spreading it out is a smart idea. This is exactly what I am going to do, buy Vanilla at Office Depot, buy Greendot reload at grocery, load Target and many more
      If you do each at less than $2k per month, I think you should totally be fine

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  12. I actually use the to pay my first credit card bill since they have option for you to do that.They had citicard already populated in there. I had a little bump on the way . Well, probably cuz I was anxious. greendot said bill should post nov 7. but their site posted nov 6. but citi did not receive the money so I call both up. Citi said their computer updates on the 8 th so give it time. But I put in a request for investigation. On the 8 th it did go through . Phew. So should be ok if they have the feature. They say you can pay credit card and has citi in there already.

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  14. I was able to buy the prepaid card last night at Safeway and put $500 on it with a cc. However, I went back today to by a reload and they said I can,t buy it with a cc. Can I just keep buying new prepaid cards and setup multiple accounts?

  15. Hi duc, which card do you have, visa or mastercard? thx!

  16. Hi Duc,
    Daraius was talking about loading bluebird at walmart with prepaid debit. Since greendot is prepaid debit , do you think I can use that instead of blue bird?

    • Do you mean that using Greendot to load Blue Bird. I don’t think it is the best use of Greendot since you can always withdraw money for free from Greendot why not just getting cash out

  17. sorry, I meant to say can I use greendot visa debit to load blue bird instead of vanilla. Cuz greendot bill pay allow only $1000 payment. Where as Blue bird I can pay more than $1000. I don’t really need to get cash out. I got lots of bill to pay anyway.

  18. dear greendot happy,

    Are you in california? i also find no fee green dot in rite aid. I am waiting for my accountnow prepaid card. My plan is to load money into accountnow card to do bill pay. Is there any special about these no fee green dot? Can it be loaded into accountnow card?

  19. Is it possible to unload the card via ATM using the original “temporary” card? I just picked up one of these tonight as a test. Would like to just zero-out the card at an ATM, but don’t know if it needs to be registered first. Anyone know?

  20. As a data point I was able to buy a fee free GreenDot Debit Card as well as a fee free MoneyPak at Rite Aid. There are still tons of cards there that say “No fee until 12/31/12”, but I purchased it in 2013 and still wasn’t charged a fee. Booyaa!

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