JFK to Honoluly $382 roundtrip and Megabus coming to California with $1 ticket

I found some awesome flight deals on Hawaiian Airline to fly from NYC to Honoluly (direct flight)

$382 All-In – JFK-HNL (Direct Flight) – Hawaiian Air. I see lots of dates in Dec and here is an example

Megabus is coming back to California with $1 fare

Megabus Service LA to SF, OAK, SJ, Reno, Riverside, LV $1 each way

  • Daily express, city-to-city bus service with free Wi-Fi from $1
  • All seats for travel during Dec.12-19 to/from newest cities will be $1
  • Company returns to West Coast based on customer demand
  • It is a good time to visit California and travel around by bus (maybe)


I also found this awesome deals for people in Texas which you get a cash back of 25% and can convert all of your purchases back to cash. Will update that in a few days

CVS gift card at 20% bonus (Gone)

Update: If you have a Discover card with 5% cash back for online purchases, it would work in this case as well


It seems like recently I am falling into the trick side of the game. I always try to look for more and more opportunities to earn cash and miles at the same time

This time it is CVS gift card sales

1. The idea is to buy $150 CVS egift card from their website by clicking via Ebates for 3.5% cash back. If you use the Hilton Amex card, I believe you will earn 6 points/$ (It is not my referral link)

2. Then they will send you a $30 egift card as a bonus

3. Sell it on Cardpool or PlasticJungle for 85% cash or 89.25% Amazon gift card

4. Remember to use Topcashback for 2.5% to 4% when you sell your gift card. Information can be found here at Frequent Miler’s post

In total, you will earn 900 Hilton points + $3 at the lowest level for not using any cash back sites

If you go through all of the crazy routes, you would potentially earn, 900 Hilton points + $5.25 Ebates + $6.12 from Topcashback + $3 from ($153-$150) = 900 Hilton points + $14.37

You can do better with Amazon gift card if you wish to have those.

Enjoy the fun game

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Black Friday where to shop

I have a few master plans this Black Friday which I don’t want to miss out.

Updated: I got a $100 Master Card for $90 at my local Office Max. It seems like they enforce one card per person but it will vary for sure. 

First stop: 8 PM at Sears

  • 32″ SEIKI LCD HDTV for $97 at Sears (The link is Kmart but they should be the same TV). It’s also the cheapest 32″ HDTV I have ever seen by $72. I heard good review about this TV, the only bad factor is 720p resolution. I love Sears a lot recently. A few days ago, they ran the Black-Friday deal for their Shop Your Way Reward Member. I got the 32 inch Seiki LCD as an in-store pick-up. Since they sold out that model, they compensated me $100 for my inconvenience. When you go out tomorrow night, remember to use Ultimate Reward Shopping mall to buy Sears Gift Card for 5 points/$ and sign up for their Shop Your Way Reward Member for 1% cash value. For my part, I will get the TV for free now thanks to Sears.

Second stop: 12 AM at Bestbuy

This stop at Bestbuy assumes that I couldn’t get the 32 inch TV at Sears

  • Toshiba 40″ 1080p LCD HDTV for $180 at Best Buy. The first true “doorbuster” of the season, this 40″ 1080p HDTV is the star of Best Buy’s circular. And for those keeping count, it’s also $9 under last year’s best Black Friday price for a 40″ 1080p LCD HDTV. Simply put, 40″ HDTV deals don’t get any better than this. However the best thing about this deal has to do with your American Express Credit Card. Right now, you can get $20 0ff $200+ Best Buy – Offer Valid 11/19/2012-12/31/2012 In-store and Online to offset for tax
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD 16GB 7″ Tablet bundled with a $30 Best Buy Card for $200 at Best Buy. This offer from Best Buy throws in a generous $30 gift card with your purchase of the Kindle Fire HD. That beats both deals from Staples and OfficeMax, which only bundle it with $20 and $25 gift cards, respectively. However,I still watch to see what kind of bundle Amazon will offer (that way you can use the Amazon credit to purchase content for your Kindle), otherwise, this deal is solid for any Kindle HD seeker. And $20 off $200 from Amex will make this $150 for the Kindle which is the best price I have evern seen so far.
  • You can sign up for the $20 off $200 at Bestbuy via your American Express Online login or Facebook or Twitter

Third stop: 6 AM at Office Max

  • At this stop, I will be able to make money by buying Visa/Master Card $100 gift card at $91.95. This means that you literally make money and if you have a Chase Ink Card, you can get 5x of any purchase
  • If you can snatch more than one of the Visa Card and wonder how to manage many gift cards, use Amazon Payment to send money to a friend (and get cash from them). Or you can load them to a Target Amex Prepaid Card for $3 per load. You can load multiple gift cards at once

I wanna stop by Walmart at 10 PM as well however their Black Friday ads are very disappointing.  They have the Ipad 2 for $399 and $75 gift card but it is just a bad deal. It is two generation behind and still so expensive. If you can afford $325, you are better off with the Ipad mini

Southwest 40% tickets and many other promotions

Southwest is running some very interesting promotions for Black Friday – Book today only  —– Link to the deal page

1. 40% off airfare with promocode: EARLYDEAL

  • Roundtrip travel required
  • Travel between Dec. 11, 2012 and Feb. 12, 2013
  • Valid for travel Tuesdays and Wednesdays during valid dates only.
  • Blackout dates include Dec. 26, 2012 and Jan. 1, 2, and 22, 2013.

2. Save up to 50% off hotels

3. Earn up to 1,500 points when you sign-up for Rapid Reward accounts (Southwest frequent flyer program) – this is indeed double the normal sign-up bonus therefore if you don’t have Southwest account, sign up now
1 SW point = 1.6 cent therefore they offer $24 free for you to sign-up

4. Save up to $100 off vacation packages plus 40% off flights – Promo code: BFVACATION

  • Up to $100 per reservation ($20 per night) promotion code savings apply on any flight + hotel vacation package offered by Southwest Airlines Vacations. Savings is reflected in the package price when using promotion code BFVACATION at the time of booking. Only one promotion code may be used per reservation. Promotion code intended for redemption by individual consumer only.


I personally found a bunch of $99 ticket from Aus-Las in Feb which is pretty excited for me. Tempting to book them. Let me know if you find other good airfare


Funny Black Friday Video

Ha ha I hope this doesn’t happen to me during this Black Friday maddness. This year I am looking forward to more Cyber Monday than Black Friday

Here is why

  • I can stay home and shop
  • I can most of the time avoid taxes
  • I can earn points/cash back with online shopping. Discover is running 5% bonus cash back on top of other promotions. Check out Evreward.com
  • I won’t need to get up at mid-night

If this doesn’t convince you enough, you can check out Black Friday Resources at

Make money on Black Friday

Black Friday is not only famous for cheap stuff but it is also famous for opportunities to make some quick money

1. Who wanna make some money on thanksgiving

Officemax is offering $15 off $100 visa or master gift cards on Black Friday, one per customer. I guess you can go to multiple store or come back and forth a few times. They limit 35 cards per store so you should be quick and if you are in Austin, please leave some cards for me. Their store will be open at 6 AM and last until 12 PM on Black Friday

For example, if you can get 10 Visa/Master gift cards at a few stores. You will end up paying $850 + $69.5 fees = $919.5 for $1000 and earn 4,600 points with your Chase Ink Bold or Plus (5x at office supply store). If you value ultimate point at 2 cent , then you will make $4600 * .02 + 80 = $172 for a night. Certainly, this deal depends on how many Visa/Master gift cards you can buy and the fact that you have Chase Ink Bold or Plus which earns 5 points/$ at office supply store. And you can use Visa/Master Gift card everywhere

Terms and Conditions:
  • Limit one $15 reward per customer 
  • Offer valid in store only
  • Limit 35 cards per store unless prohibited by law
  • Customers may not purchase multiple Visa gift cards and/or MasterCard gift cards in denominations that cumulatively amount to $100 or more to meet the minimum purchase requirement
  • MaxPerks Rewards are not redeemable for this offer
2. Deals We Like blogger also talks about Free Software items at Staples. The trick about this deal is that you have to pay in advance and get Mail-in-rebate which sometimes is not my most favorite thing to do
  • Quickbooks Online Simple Start 2012: $99.99 – $10 instant savings – $90 mail in rebate = FREE –> if using a Chase Ink card this will give you 450 Ultimate Rewards points
  • McAfee Internet Security 2013: $69.99 – $16 instant savings – $54 mail in rebate = FREE –> if using a Chase Ink card this will give you 270 Ultimate Rewards points
  • Kaspersky Internet Security: $59.99 – $59.99 easy rebate = FREE –> if using a Chase Ink card this will give you 300 Ultimate Reward points

If you get all three items, this will give you a total of 1,020 Ultimate Reward points.

Save 15 cent on Gas per gallon at Walmart

I am not a big fan of Walmart however I shop there when I feel like getting a good price

Gas for me is a commodity product which means it is not different anywhere. From now until Dec 24th, you can save up to 15 cent per gallon at Walmart/Murphy gas station by obtaining a Walmart money card or a Walmart gift card

Interestingly, Walmart money card is a reloadable prepaid card which is quite similar to the Green Dot prepaid card I mentioned about a few days ago. You can click on this link to learn more about it. There seems to be some fees associate with the card and it can be reloaded with Greendot reloadable as well.

Basically, you can buy Greendot reloadable or moneypak ($4.95 fee for $500) by using a credit card at many different places such as grocery store, walmart, cvs, walgreens and so on. Load that reloadable into Walmart money card. Use that card at Walmart’s gas station to save 15 cent per gallon ($6 for 20 gallons). Walmart Money Card is a debit card so you can withdraw money from Moneypass ATM for free as well. Walmart Money Card has no fee if you load $1,000 per month as well. The Greendot Reloadable card has a “Cash only” text on the front which makes it a little bit hard to be bought with credit card. However since they are sold everywhere, I have been lucky to get a few at my grocery store paying with credit card.


** Walmart MoneyCard 15 Cent offer

Discount offer subject to change without notice. **15¢ per gallon discount available 8/31/2012 through 12/24/2012 with the use of a Walmart MoneyCard at participating Murphy USA and Walmart gas stations. The 15¢ per gallon discount applies to the regular street price and cannot be used in conjunction with the Sam’s Club Member discount. Offer not valid in Oklahoma, Florida, Minnesota or Alabama. The MasterCard Card is issued by GE Capital Retail Bank, member FDIC, pursuant to a license by MasterCard International Inc. The Visa Card is issued by GE Capital Retail Bank, member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A., Inc. Additional services provided by Green Dot Corp. The use of this Card is subject to the terms of your Walmart MoneyCard Cardholder Agreement. Issuance, monthly, ATM, and other fees apply.

*Gift Card

Save 10¢ per gallon* at participating Murphy USA and Walmart gas stations with the Walmart Gift Card 8/31/2012 through 12/24/2012. Discount offer subject to change without notice. *10¢ per gallon discount available 8/31/2012 through 12/24/2012 with the use of a Walmart Gift Card at participating Murphy USA and Walmart? gas stations to purchase gas. 10¢ per gallon discount applies to the regular street price and cannot be used in conjunction with the Sam’s Club® member discount. Exclusions may apply. Offer not valid at gas stations in AL. 5¢ per gallon discount in FL. 3¢ per gallon discount in OK and MN. The use of the Walmart Gift Card is subject to the terms and conditions of the Walmart Gift Card. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.