Is Vanilla Reload coming back at Office Depot as a new form?


  • I talked to Vanilla Reload Customer Service and was informed that you could load your MyVanilla, Mio, Momentum cards at Family Dollar and Dollar General. I believe Blue Bird won’t work since those stores require a Visa or Master card
  • I also went to Office Depot to ask about reloading at a retail location and the answer is no
  • However I discovered a way to cash out Home Improvement Gift Card and will write about it soon¬†


This is a totally speculation from my part however I accidentally found out that

On FAQ section¬†under “How to Reload your card”, there is an added method – Swipe your card at Retail

Does it mean the Vanilla Reload game is coming back? Since Office Depot is listed as a Retail location, can we now reload Blue Bird at Office Depot skipping Vanilla Reload step? Or may there be another Prepaid card we can use to load money into at Office Depot? I will test it out tomorrow and report back.

For any of you who is confused with this post, Vanilla Reload is a tool for point/mile community to earn millions of points at a very cheap price. The basic concept was to use Chase Ink (5 points/$ at Office Supply stores) to buy Vanilla Reload card (cost $3.95 per card)at Office Depot. Load Vanilla card into a Prepaid product, BlueBird. Blue Bird Prepaid lets you send money to yourself and other people. Therefore people were able to buy 2,500 points at $3.95 or 100,000 points (business class ticket to Europe) at $160. Vanilla Reload was pulled from Office Depot a few months ago as Office Depot and Chase were trying to stop people buy points at a cheap price.


reload location

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