3 great deals in a day Officemax, CVS, Staples

1. Get a $200 Visa gift card at Office Max for $196.95. Yes, you can buy money cheaper than its actual value


Basically, Office Max (in store only) gives you $10 off when you buy any of their Master Card and Visa gift card which has a fees of $6.95
Therefore with this deal, you can make at least $3.05 + 197 points. In addition, if you have a Chase Ink Bold or Plus which earns 5x at OfficeMax, the return will be $3.05 + 985 Ultimate Reward points

2. Staples is offering a free $10 ePromo card when you get a $50 eGift card through 6/16. Since you will buy this via Cashstar.com, you might not be able to earn 5x points by using your Chase Ink credit cards. I will probably use this $10 ePromo card to buy Easy Rebate Item at Staples however the limit is only 5 gift cards per transaction.

Link to the deal


Terms and Conditions can be found here

– eGift Cards may be used only in Staples U.S. retail stores

–  eGift Cards cannot be used for credit card payments or to purchase other gift cards (including Staples gift cards) or wireless cards

–  No more than five eGift Cards may be used for any single purchase

3. CVS is offering $5 Extra Bucks when buying 2 Visa gift cards throuugh 06/15. This offer is valid for in-store purchase only.

CVS sells $500 My Vanilla Debit Visa card with $3.95 fees that can be cashed out by using Amazon Payment. $500 Vanilla Visa gift card can be bought for $504.95 which can be loaded to Bluebird at Walmart and money can be sent back to your checking account. With this deal, you should buy 2 Vanilla Visa gift card for $1,010 and get back $5.


Make up to $94 + points from Marriott gift card

Last week, MightyTravels detailed  a post about the Daily Getaway week 1 which is happening tomorrow.

The first deal is Marriort gift cards at 20% off if you use your American Express credit card. I was initially not excited about these deals since I like to redeem points for free hotel stays rather than paying at 20% off. However, you can make some money with these deals if you want to churn gift card. Churning gift cards involve buying them at a discount and resell them for a profit.


Here is day 1 deal:
Day 1 (Jun 10, 2013): Buying Marriott gift cards at 11% off. Plus 10% off if you pay with Amex
– $100 gift card for $89 ($80 with Amex card) – 410 available and purchase up to 5 packages
– $500 gift card for $445 ($400 with Amex card) – 308 available and purchase up to 2 packages
– $1000 gift card for $890 ($800 with Amex card) – 75 available and purchase only 1 package

According to GiftCardGranny, Marriott gift cards can be sold for 86% of its face value (sell $1,000 gift card for $860 cash) at Cardpool, ABC Gift Card or Gift Card Zen. Furthermore, if you click through TopCashBack before selling your gift card to Cardpool, you will earn another 4% ($40 for $1,000 gift card).


Overall, if you buy $1,000 Marriott gift card at $800, you will be able to sell it for $860 + $34.4 cash back + 800 points = $94.4 in profit + 800 points

My Take:
– There are a lot more packages for $100 and $500 gift cards than $1,000 therefore my goal is to aim for either 5 * $100 gift cards or 2 * $500 gift cards.
TopCashBack only awards the threshold $1,000 in purchases and sales for Cardpool, in total across ANY reward or cash back sites, they are not eligible for any more cashback from Cardpool.
– Based on my own experience, Cardpool tends to send you the check faster than ABC gift card
– Daily Getaway deals are getting more and more competitive and harder to get. However, here are a few tricks to score you a deal:
+ Open a few browsers before the deals go live
+ Use this official clock for EST time at a different screen from the deal’s one
+ Click Buy at exactly the right second

Note: the TopCashBack link is my referral link

Rocket Miles – Almost Free hotel night in Vegas

Rocketmiles is a hotel search engine that award you miles with American Airlines, Delta, United , Alaska, Jet Blue, US Airways, Virgin America and Hawaiian Airlines when booking with them. Rocketmiles was founded a few months ago and their business model is buying large quantity of miles for cheap and award miles as incentives for hotel bookings on their site. Jay Hoffman, the CEO of Rocketmiles was head of MileagePlus program at United therefore he knows the miles business inside out


– The trick is to find a cheap hotel that have a good mile earning rate. From my research, I found out that Vegas hotels have the cheapest rate. Since I am planning to visit Vegas for Christmas, I look up 1 day from 12/22 to 12/22. New York, New York hotel, Tropicana and Monte Carlo hotel shows up with the highest mile earning and the lowest cost per night. You will earn 1,000 United miles for the cost of $52 + tax ($6). Plus if  use my referral link to sign-up for Rocketmiles.com, you will earn another 1,000 points for your first booking. In total, you will earn 1,000 + 1,000 = 2,000 points from this booking
If you value United miles at 2 cent/mile, you will get a value of $40 and out of pocket $58. Basically, this means that you get a hotel night for $18.

I also found out that from Tropicana is running $47 + tax ($7) = $54 from 12/22 to 12/23. It means that you will get 2,000 points = $40 value and out of pocket $54. Basically, this means that you get a free hotel night for $14

    • There is a resort fee of $20 per night at New York, New York Hotel and Tropicana
    • This booking is refundable therefore there is almost no risk for this deal


You can also invite your friends to join Rocketmiles. After their first booking, you’ll earn 1000 bonus miles and they’ll earn 1000 bonus miles

Rocketmiles seems to offer only a few nice hotels per cities at the moment. The available cities on Rocketmiles:

    • Atlanta
    • Austin
    • Boston
    • Barcelona
    • Charleston
    • Charlotte
    • Chicago
    • Dallas
    • Denver
    • Detroit
    • Fort Lauderdale
    • Hawaiian Islands
    • Houston
    • Las Vegas
    • Los Angeles
    • Mexico City
    • Miami
    • Mineapolis
    • Montreal
    • New Orleans
    • Philadelphia
    • Phoenix
    • New York
    • Portland
    • San Diego
    • Seattle
    • San Francisco
    • Vancouver
    • Toronto
    • Washington, DC