First Class to Hawaii for $328, Wyndham hotel promotions, British Airway family account

These days, there are three promotions that I am working furiously on.

1. The first one is that check your email for “Your point balance, member offers & Summer Rewards” from Wyndham Rewards. Wyndham is giving away 16,000 points for each stay at one of their new 20 properties. Wyndham points can be transferred to airline miles at 2.5 point = 1 mile ratio. So spending $54 at Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Chicago-Schaumburg or Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Salt Lake City – Fort Union ($60 per night) can earn you 6,400 airline miles. This promotion will work for 3 hotel stays potentially get you 48,000 Wyndham points = 19,200 Airline miles

Since Wyndham allows no-show point credit, a lot of people will be trying to book the cheapest hotel stays and either call in to check in or just don’t show up. I might try to book with my name and my friend’s name. Then my friend will check in for me in the city I can’t reach.

Details can be found at Travel by Points post.

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Are we doing everything for miles/points or free cash

Are we doing everything to get more miles/points or free cash. What is the limit when we have to say “stop I won’t do this – this is ridiculous

My limits are: I can sign up for new accounts to get free points. I can provide airlines my cell-phone number and credit card information so that they can track my spending and send me offer texts.

But I won’t give them my child’s ID and other information to get points (I don’t really have kids ) and I don’t think I would film myself singing to get $10 Hotel Tonight credit. Read on to see two offers today

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100,000 British Airways Chase Card, $75 fee per year (DEAD)

In this post, I will detail a public offer and an alternative offer of 100k British Airways Avios. I will point out the differences and which card I would like to recommend.

Wonder what to do if you have 100,000 British Airline Avios points,

  1. The Point Guy has a great summary of all of the British Airline Redemption option
  2. One Mile at a Time has a post about Redeeming British Airways Avios points for travel on Iberia without fuel surcharges!
  3. One Mile at a Time again wrote about How to use British Airways Avios points for travel on Aer Lingus (and avoid fuel surcharges)
Have fun with these special British Airline offers


Here is a public offer from British Airways Chase Credit Card

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Skyteam, One World, Star Alliance

My friend asked me if she doesn’t fly United that often why she should collect their miles.

The answer is very simple – Airlines form alliances  – and you can redeem American/Delta/United/US Airways miles on any of their alliance partners


There are three biggest airline alliances in the world

SKYTEAM: Delta is the only US-based airline however you can use its miles to fly Korean Airline, China Airlines and Vietnam Airlines to most of Asia. You can use Delta miles to fly Air France and KLM to Europe


One World: American Airline is the leading airline in this smallest alliance, you can use American Airline miles to fly Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific to Asia or British Airways & Air Berlin to Europe


Star Alliance: is the biggest alliance with United and US Airways. You can use United and US Airways miles to fly Asiana, ANA, Thai, Air China, Singapore to Asia; Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian to Europe