Netflix won’t give me 2,000 United miles for my new Visa card

If you don’t already know about Netflix’s generous airline mile offers such as Netflix – 4,000 United miles or 2,500 American Airline miles or 2,500 Delta miles for $8, then you should sign up for them right away.

Here is a three-month story of fighting for 2,000 United miles and I finally gave up

It started when I got a targeted offer from Continental Airline (now United Airline) to sign up for a 50k Continental OnePass Plus card. I jumped into the offer right away and realized it was my 5th Chase credit card lol. March 2012, United and Chase merged their systems and consequentially, converted my “Continental One Pass card” to “United Mileage Plus Visa Card” . The image on the left is my OnePass Plus Master Card, and the right image is my bank statement – United MileagePlus Visa Card.

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How to fly to Europe and Vietnam for free

I had an amazing conversation with my friend Jenny a few days when she asked me the best way to search for a ticket to fly from Philly to Paris in August for her trip aborad.

I went directly to this site to find out how many miles does she need. allows you to calculate and compare flight redemption rates of different frequent flyer programs. Have you ever wondered which frequent flyer program has the best award rates … specifically for the flights you are interested in?

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Netflix – 4,000 United miles or 2,500 American Airline miles or 2,500 Delta miles

What is this?

Netflix is teaming up with United, Delta and American Airline to offer bonus miles to new customers when they sign up with Netflix

You need to have a Mileage  Plus number (United), Delta Skymiles and American Aadvantage number

So for $7.99 first month fees you can get either or both of the two offers

    • 4,000 United miles
    • 2,500 American Airline miles
    • 2,500 Delta Skymiles

When you sign up for 3 accounts, use two different credit cards and possibly different billing addresses  and different emails. The miles should post within 1 or 2 weeks. After the mile posted, you can cancel the monthly subscription. There are possibilities to sign-up for multiple offers many times. I will sign-up for the 4,000 United miles offer the second time with Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Freedom Visa or Priority Club Visa which should all be working. So if you have 4 Chase cards, you can potentially get the United deals 4 times (16,000 miles for $36)

Sign up link for 4,000 United Airline miles: You need a MileagePlus Visa® credit card to get the full 4,000 mile

Sign up link for 2,500 American Airline miles

Sign up link for 2,500 Delta Skymiles


My take

This is a great offer to earn some cheap miles. I signed up for Netflix United and get the 2,000 miles  since I don’t have the MileagePlus visa card. Next month, I will try the American Airlines offer.