United: – $767: HOUSTON (IAH) – Ho Chi Minh City (SGN). R/T

Update at 3:53 PM – I only see $767 ticket for Mar 18th to Apr 30th now. You can book $800 ticket from American Airline for February during Vietnamese New Year

$767 ticket from Houston to Ho Chi Minh City is the lowest fare for this route for a long time. The recent gas price drop probably plays a major role in international airfare super discount. Vietnamese New Year is on Feb 19, 2015 therefore I would try to find a date around those times to experience holiday in Vietnam

Bitexco Financial Tower in Ho Chi Minh City

Sample Travel Date:

  • Mar 26th to Apr 9th
  • Routing:
    • Houston (IAH) – Newark(EWR) – Hong Kong (HKG) – Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)
    • Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) – Hong Kong (HKG) – San Francisco (SFO) – Houston (IAH)


Fare Availability:

  • Valid for travel from Jan 23th to Apr 30th which means you need to complete all of the flights by Apr 30th
  • Flights departure on Monday through Thursday which means your departure flights and return flights need to start on a weekday

How to search for Availability and Book the tickets

Use ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search and use the following search criteria:

  • Departing from: IAH
  • Outbound Advanced Routing Code: ua+ / f bc=k
  • Destination: SGN
  • Return Advanced Routing Code: ua+ / f bc=k
  • (Click on Advanced Routing Codes link to enable advanced routing code input)
  • Select “See calendar of lowest fares”
  • Length of Stay: put 1-8 or 8-15 days. You can put any numbers in there. 8-15 days mean you want the whole trip to last from 8 to 15 days

Book the tickets at OneTravel.com and use code “ny15”  for another $10 off

iah-sgn matrix

Fare Class:

  • K and this flight allows two stop-overs for $100 each. It means that you can flight this route and stop in Hong Kong for a few days for an extra of $100
    • Houston (IAH) – Newark(EWR) – Hong Kong (HKG) – Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)

United: – $681: Chicago (ORD) – Beijing (PEK). Round-Trip & Nonstop


Don’t have any plan for Thanksgiving why not visiting Beijing for a week or two with this crazy non-stop airfare deal on United.

Sample Travel Date:

  • Nov 27th – Dec 4th
  • Nov 27th – Dec 9th
  • Nov 27th – Dec 11th
  • Nov 20th – Dec 4th


Fare Availability:

  • Valid travel days: Thursday and Saturday
  • Availability: November and December


  • 13,120 United miles or 5.1 cent per mile
  • You can use 12,500 United miles for a one-way award ticket in the US/Canada

How to book:

Buy BP gift cards and earn United points at .72 cent/mile (Gone)


  • My account is showing pending points 
  • This deal is gone


I haven’t updated my blog for a long time due to many reasons. Moving, packing, being sick and above all finding so many great deals that I am too busy to work on them

So I decided to share this great deal that I am sure you can find it useful. This deal is today only

Mypoints offer “buying four $25 gift cards and get a $10 gift card free”. Among all of the gift cards they offer, BP gas cards have the highest resell value and worth buying. Instead of getting a $10 gift card at CVS, getting 1,750 Mypoints is better since they can convert Mypoints to United at almost 2 Mypoints = 1 United mile

mypoint promotion

At this moment you can buy

  1. $100 BP gift cards (4 * $25 each) to get 1,750 Mypoint points. Click on this link
  2. Redeem Mypoints for United miles at 10,100 Mypoints = 5,000 United miles
  3. Sell BP gift cards at ABC gift card for 91% value or Cardpool.com for 90% value + 4% Topcashback

Note: Cardpool only offers cash back on the first $1000 in transactions for Topcashback. I wonder if openning a new account at Cardpool.com would eliminate the $1000 in transaction limits.

Here is the math

  • You spend $100 to buy BP gift cards and if you use them for gas, the points are yours for free. Basically, you buy $600 of BP gas card and get 5,000 United points for free
  • To liquidate those $600 gift cards, you get 90% at Cardpool and 4% Topcashback = $564 ($36 out of pocket) for 5,000 United miles basically buying .72 cent/mile


How to make it better

  • Use Chase Ink card to buy a visa gift card at Office Depot and use them for this transaction. I confirmed that visa gift card works in this case
  • Post your topcashback referral link in this post to earn $10 for each referral

1,000 free United and 500 free US Airways miles

Install a United tool-bar and make one search, no purchase required

Note: You must be logged in to MileagePlus Shopping using your MileagePlus user name and password in order to download the MileagePlus Shopping Assistant.

To qualify for the initial download 1,000 bonus miles offer, make at least one search or purchase using the Shopping Assistant. Bonus offer is only valid for the initial download and install of the Shopping Assistant. Not valid on subsequent downloads or installs. Offer ends 10/31/12.


Similarly, US Airways Toolbar

Special Bonus: Receive 500 miles When You Download and make one search with The Dividend Miles StoreFront Assistant

Terms and Conditions
*To qualify for the initial download 500 bonus miles offer, make at least one search or purchase using the Dividend Miles StoreFront Assistant. Bonus offer is valid only for the initial download and install of the Dividend Miles StoreFront Assistant. Not valid on subsequent downloads or installs. For a list of complete terms and conditions please click here.

5,000 United bonus miles after $3,000 spend


– For the 5,000 bonus miles after $1k spend: United just adds new terms

Eligible credit cards for this promotion are only BAM – Guatemala, Bancolombia – Colombia, Banco General- Panama, Banco Popular – Dominican Republic, HSBC – Panama, HSBC – Costa Rica, ITAU – Uruguay, PacifiCard – Ecuador, Santander- Puerto Rico, Standard Bank – Argentina. Other credit cards are not eligible for this offer.

United now disqualifies the US credit cards what a bummer!!!!

– For the 5,000 bonus miles after $3k spend, the term seems to be untouched. And I hope it stays that way



If you have the MileagePlus Credit Card, you have a chance to earn up to 10,000 bonus miles

Earn 5,000 bonus award miles when you use your MileagePlus Credit Card to spend $1k  or another similar promo: 5,000 bonus miles after $3k spending. Both of these can be stacked if you spend more than $3k.

Earn up to 5,000 bonus award miles when you register and spend at least $1,000 USD or equivalent in local currency on your MileagePlus® Credit Card between August 1 and October 31, 2012.

Use your MileagePlus credit card to purchase United or Copa Airlines© travel, buy groceries, fill up your vehicle’s gas tank, eat at restaurants or pay your bills, and earn award miles for each $1 USD spent on your card.

It seems like you have already spent $1,000 from Aug 1 to Oct 31 even before you register for the promotion, you should be automatically awarded miles after registration. So an easy 5,000 bonus miles without much spending effort. If you are busy meeting other spending requirement, then use Amazon Payment to  make $1,000 spend.

Point should post 8-10 weeks after Oct 31. Since there are two 5,000 miles promotion, you might be able to stack them. I recommend taking screenshot of both of them just in case you need to dispute with United. For both promotions, you will need to spend $3,000. from now until the end of Oct 31, 2012.

150 MyPoints/$ at Open Sky: Deal you can make money

Update: I ordered $450 worth of stuff and got a confirmation email from Mypoints

I also saw this in Mypoints account. It showed me that I clicked through Mypoints to Open Sky. Mypoints then leave a cookie in your browser and they will track with Open Sky to see whether you have made a transaction.  That is how they will award you points.



Here is the link to the most awesome offer of this month


Here is why this is a good offer:

  • Maximum awarding points: 75,000 = $500 * 150 points
  • You can buy stuff at Open Sky and get 75,000 Mypoints
  • You can redeem Mypoints to United miles or Visa giftcards or any other giftcard
Merchant Mypoints Merchant’s point
United Mileage Plus 10,100 5,000 Mileage Plus Miles
United Mileage Plus 5,200 2,500 United
Visa Prepaid card 9,000 $50
Visa Prepaid card 4,600 $25

So you get the idea.

  • Click through this link
  • Create an account with mypoints and click “Shop now”
  • Create an account with Open Sky
  • Buy less than $500 of stuff on Opensky.com via that link
  • Get 75,000 mypoints
  • Redeem for 35,000 United points or 8*$50 = $400 in visa prepaid card
  • Sell the stuff you buy on Ebay/Amazon to recoup the money (Research what stuff is cheaper in Amazon compared to Open Sky)

My example:

I bought 5 of this speaker’s sytem. It costs me $450.

I will get $440*150 = 66,000 points = 32,500 United points

I will sell the stuff at a loss and perhaps get back $350

Overall, I will come out as buying 32,500 United points for $100 or $400 visa prepaid card for $100. Great deal

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$500 roundtrip ticket from US to Asia

I came across this post from the Flight Deals and would like to share ASAP. This is a fare sale from many US cities: NYC, LA, Oakland, Seattle, Phoenix, Baltimore, Portland, Philadelphia, Boston and Fort Lauderdale to a few cities in Asia such as: Taipei, Manila, Hong Kong and Singapore

If you want or can travel to Asia on Sep 25th or Sep 26th and come back on some certain days in Oct, Nov, and Dec, call yourself lucky.

Valid Travel Dates

  • Outbound: September 25th or 26th
  • Return: October 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, 30th, 31st. November 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st, 27th, 28th. December 4th or 6th.

Tickets must be purchased by September 21st but no way it will last that long. Here is an example of a flight search from LAX to Manila from Sep 25 to Oct 9

You can book these flights at  Delta.com or AA.COM or United.com. Again some of the tickets are not available anymore so you need to be fast

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