Hanoi Food

Hanoians like to eat heavy breakfast. We eat Phở, Vietnamese sandwich, sticky rice and many other heavy dishes in the morning. Most people start the day early at 5 AM so expect to hear street noise near your hotel early in the morning. There are regular restaurants that serve all types of Vietnamese food however most local would go to street stands for cheap delicious treat.

Here are some of my suggestion for yummy food in Hanoi.

1. Bún Thang: is probably the most distinctive dish of Hanoi. It includes duck eggs, organic chicken, pork ribs, vermicelli, dried shrimp, onion, dried onion,  fish sauce, brown sugar and vinegar.

Address: 31 Phan Dinh Phung – A point on the map

121012afamily-AN-bun-thang-(2)-b2150 cach-nau-bun-thang-chuan-ngon-dung-vi


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Free Hotels in Asia from Hotel Quickly

Hotel Quickly

Have you heard of Hotel Quickly?

– It is a last minute hotel app focusing on Asia markets. They are offering $31-$56 free hotel credits and their hotels are <$10 and sometimes even free. Read on for more detail. At the moment they have hotel deals in the following countries:

  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Vietnam
  • Macau
  • Taiwan
  • Philippines
  • Cambodia


How it works:

  • Hotels have unsold room everyday and they are willing to offer deep discount to fill them up.
  • Hotel Quickly partners with a few hotels in different cities to offer that special savings to you.
  • They have a new batch of hotels from 8 AM to 4 AM everyday.
  • You can book up to 5 days from any given day.


It is simple to get up to $56 credit for free.

Step 1: Sign up on your App store or through HotelQuickly
Step 2: Click “Credits” and Redeem:

  • Enter DVIET = $15 free (New customer only)
  • Then enter HQAWARDS = $5.
  • 7HEAVENHOTEL = $25 Credit (For Hong Kong hotels)
  • Then enter SNYBPB = for another $11 credit
  • SHOFF = $10 Credit (New customer only)
  • Then Enter SURVYAY = for additional 5% off.
  • Then enter USANDUS for another $26 Credit (only valid for USA Hotels. They don’t have any hotels in the US yet so it might be useful for future)

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Expert Travel Booking Service

Dear All,

expedia1I realize that many of my readers and friends are looking for opportunities to save money on travel. With my travel addiction, I have acquired lots of knowledge about credit cards, hotels, airlines, mile/point redemption and destination. Therefore I am offering my travel advice service for free. You could tell me


  • Where you would like to go
  • Travel date range
  • Transportation and lodging types

I could help you to figure out how to save the most money on your trips. My service is free for now but I might start charging in the future if the model works out.


Please fill out this form for request

Deal Pages – Offer Pages

I have been searching for the best way to compile all of the hotel/airline/car rental coupons at one place and recently found out that my company starts this new concept of “Offer Page“. This “Offer Page” allows you to select/heart any offer you like on Offers.com website and they are automatically added to your personal page. Offers in the personal page can be moved around by the creator for important sorting and display.

The nice things about this “Offer Page” are its visual appealing look, its discount amount and it is an easy way for me to put a bunch of good travel deals at one place. In addition, when you add an offer, the website will recommend you other similar types of offers and savings.

My Offer/Deal Page Link

offer pages 1

Right now, I see a bunch of good coupons for Hertz, Travelocity, Expedia, Enterprise Rent a Car and Budget. I want to add more offers as well but afraid that they would clutter the page and make it harder for reader’s digesting.

Here is an offer at its original state


Here is the offer when you hover over it. You can see the “code” area. You can Favorite, Comment or Share this offer.hertz 2

If you like this concept, you can create your own personal page by signing up for an account. You can then share your savings tricks with family members and friends. If this is too much work for you, then just follow me for deals’ updates or save this link for future use

Please give us feedback about what improvement you want to see from this Offer Page.

Earn 7,000 miles at Rocket Miles

Rocketmiles is a hotel search engine that award you miles with American Airlines, Delta, United , Alaska, Jet Blue, US Airways, Virgin America and Hawaiian Airlines when booking with them. I wrote an article about their cool business models a few months ago . This time, they are coming back with a great promotion for new customers only (sadly not for people like me).

A new customer can  get at least 5,000 airline miles from a hotel booking with Rocketmiles. 1,000 bonus mile for opening a new account + 5,000 miles for the first booking + 1,000 miles for the booking itself. 7,000 United/American Airline points are worth about $140 (2 cent per mile valuation)

Here are steps by steps on how to get the points

1.  Use my referral link to sign-up for Rocketmiles.com, you will earn 1,000 bonus points for signing up (I will also earn 1,000 points from your sign-up too thanks a lot)

2. Book a hotel today (Nov 5th). Stay at the hotel  by December 31, 2013. You will earn 5,000 bonus points from doing this

3. Booking a hotel will ALSO reward you  another 1,000+ points

4. After the points are posted, you can go to Account – Miles/Points – Add loyalty account – Assign the points to any frequent flier account

rocket 5000


If you would like to maximize this promotion, you should try to book hotels with less than $140 per night. From my simple search I find a bunch of cheap hotels in Dallas, Houston and Orlando which will give you a net positive of up to $21

  • There are $79 hotels in Orlando for many dates in October. These are great for Disney/Universal Studio trips
  • $84 for hotels in Dallas for many days in Oct
  • And many $100 hotels in Houston for Sep and Oct

Terms and Conditions in detail:

Qualifying Activity: To qualify for the Rocketmiles Anniversary Promotion, a new reservation must be made through http://www.rocketmiles.com/anniversary using this special promotional link on November 5, 2013 between 8:00 AM CT and 9:00 PM CT, and have a check-out date no later than December 31, 2013. The reward offer you see when searching Rocketmiles using this link will show the 5000 bonus miles if eligible. Limit one (1) bonus per customer. Any subsequent bookings will not qualify for the miles/points bonus, but will still earn the standard reward amounts. BONUS MILES/POINTS CAN NOT BE ADDED RETROACTIVELY TO EXISTING BOOKINGS. THIS PROMOTION CAN NOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER BONUS MILE/POINT OFFERS. ROCKETMILES RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DISQUALIFY AND ADJUST ANY BONUSES RESULTING FROM THE CANCELLATION AND REBOOKING (SAME SEARCH CRITERIA) OF AN EXISTING ROCKETMILES RESERVATION (OR IF IT DETERMINES, IN ITS SOLE DISCRETION, THAT ANY CUSTOMER HAS APPLIED BONUSES TO MORE THAN 1 PURCHASE). Bonuses can be disqualified and reversed at the sole discretion of Rocketmiles for any actions that breach these terms, including but not limited to fraud, deception, and technical errors. Please allow up to 4 weeks for bonus miles/points to post in a qualifying member’s account after hotel stay is completed and the qualifying member has met the stated conditions. For complete Terms and Conditions of Use please visit www.rocketmiles.com/terms.

3 great deals in a day Officemax, CVS, Staples

1. Get a $200 Visa gift card at Office Max for $196.95. Yes, you can buy money cheaper than its actual value


Basically, Office Max (in store only) gives you $10 off when you buy any of their Master Card and Visa gift card which has a fees of $6.95
Therefore with this deal, you can make at least $3.05 + 197 points. In addition, if you have a Chase Ink Bold or Plus which earns 5x at OfficeMax, the return will be $3.05 + 985 Ultimate Reward points

2. Staples is offering a free $10 ePromo card when you get a $50 eGift card through 6/16. Since you will buy this via Cashstar.com, you might not be able to earn 5x points by using your Chase Ink credit cards. I will probably use this $10 ePromo card to buy Easy Rebate Item at Staples however the limit is only 5 gift cards per transaction.

Link to the deal


Terms and Conditions can be found here

– eGift Cards may be used only in Staples U.S. retail stores

–  eGift Cards cannot be used for credit card payments or to purchase other gift cards (including Staples gift cards) or wireless cards

–  No more than five eGift Cards may be used for any single purchase

3. CVS is offering $5 Extra Bucks when buying 2 Visa gift cards throuugh 06/15. This offer is valid for in-store purchase only.

CVS sells $500 My Vanilla Debit Visa card with $3.95 fees that can be cashed out by using Amazon Payment. $500 Vanilla Visa gift card can be bought for $504.95 which can be loaded to Bluebird at Walmart and money can be sent back to your checking account. With this deal, you should buy 2 Vanilla Visa gift card for $1,010 and get back $5.